Me siento reviviendo el 2009, pero tengo 21 años ahora y no estoy para esta boludez. 

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“who was she trying to fool? She was an old and broken toy, nobody in their right mind would want her, much less hold on to the idea of her.”

– ab C.H.

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Love Love Love
Of Monsters And Men - [12207]

Love Love Love - Of Monsters And Men

And those bright blue eyes
Can only meet mine across the room
Filled with people that are less important than you

'Cause you love, love, love
When you know I can’t love you

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[ text: u n s e n t ]

[ text: him ]: But the real reason I was mad was because in my dream you didn’t say it back. Maybe I wasn’t mad. Just upset.
[ text: him ]: Home’s still wherever I’m with you.
[ text: him ]: You insufferable swine.

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  • C: what did bacon say to tomato?
  • S: I don't know, what?
  • C: ... lettuce get together
  • S: oh my god, that's great.
  • C: it's not but I made you laugh
  • S: you're really pretty when you smile...
  • C: I know, it's a cross I have to bear with
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  • S: Cora
  • S: I need help
  • C: What did you do?
  • S: My boner won't go away
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writtinghand: Shut up, pipi. 

It’s v true~ 

Here have some inappropriate EPeters como muestra de agradecimiento y luv.

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