• C: what did bacon say to tomato?
  • S: I don't know, what?
  • C: ... lettuce get together
  • S: oh my god, that's great.
  • C: it's not but I made you laugh
  • S: you're really pretty when you smile...
  • C: I know, it's a cross I have to bear with
1 week ago
  • S: Cora
  • S: I need help
  • C: What did you do?
  • S: My boner won't go away
1 week ago

Adelaide Kane

↳ as Tenaya 7 [Power Rangers RPM]

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writtinghand: Shut up, pipi. 

It’s v true~ 

Here have some inappropriate EPeters como muestra de agradecimiento y luv.

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Mi estadía en el rol se prolonga sólo porque los personajes de writtinghand aún interactúan con los míos. Línchenla a ella sí no me quieren~ 

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daniel sharman and taissa farmiga - request by anonymous

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willa holand and tyler posey - requested by anonymous

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rp meme 1 + 2 Families.

Megan & Izzy Argent The huntress and the wolf

{ I haven’t really got anything to say about these two other than I love them too much. It was such a silly idea of mine making a sister for Megan and now I absolutely love everything about them. <3

P/S: I made this because I was bored and you went to sleep and I didn’t feel like working on my drafts~ }

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